“Keeping Up with ‘The Joneses’”


“Keeping Up with ‘The Joneses’”

“Keeping Up with ‘The Joneses’”


By: Dominique Knott
I am SOOO glad Married Men Don’t Talk did a show about this!! I never understood why people try to use others as a benchmark for success. I’d rather have a few name brand pair of shoes and some ‘nada’ than Prada and be broke all the time. I believe success is measured by each individual. I have a few family members who are always trying to impress everyone with lies. But when you get close to the item, you can plainly see that it’s not even real! I mean, why lie about it?? A good point that was brought up on the Married Men Don’t Talk Show was does reality TV increase the urge to ‘keep up with The Joneses’? I think for some people it does. My mother and my brother have always taught me to be my own person and to never let others around me affect what I’m doing. Know who you are and just be comfortable with that. What about you? Do you care what ‘The Joneses’ say?? Listen to a brief segment of real married men discussing this topic by clicking the link below.



May 26th, 2015

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