“Loving Her is Killing Me!”


“Loving Her is Killing Me!”

“Loving Her is Killing Me!”

By: Dominique Knott
The MMDT Show talks about many things that men give up when getting married. But marriage shouldn’t have to be the end of some of their joyful activities such as fishing and football games. There should always be a balance in a marriage. All too often men sometimes lose themselves without realizing it just  to make their wife happy. Compromise is definitely possible in a marriage. As mentioned on the show, men also can begin to find new things that may bring them joy, such as family time at the zoo or just going to the park. With time does come change, but it shouldn’t make you feel as if you are losing something. Listen to a brief segment of real married men discussing this topic by clicking the link below.


May 26th, 2015

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