“When You and Your Job Get a Divorce!”


“When You and Your Job Get a Divorce!”

“When You and Your Job Get a Divorce!”

By: Dominique Knott
Is your job your life? Are you spending more time at your job than with your family? On this episode of MMDT, they discuss how you have to remember at work you’re always replaceable. You have to remember to split your time accordingly between work life and home life. I would recommend setting boundaries of how much you’re willing to work outside of your 9-5. The moments you have with your family are priceless, and you don’t want to miss out on too many of those special moments. If you and your job were to ‘get a divorce’, you’d probably look back over your life and wish that you’d worked less. This was a great show for ALL working people to listen to, especially if you’re starting to feel like you’re giving a little too much of yourself to your job and not enough to your home life. Listen to a brief segment of real married men discussing this topic by clicking the link below.



May 26th, 2015

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