“Married to a Daddy’s Girl”


“Married to a Daddy’s Girl”

“Married to a Daddy’s Girl”

By: Dominique Knott

Is marrying a daddy’s girl a good thing or a bad thing? One caller shared his story of how when he would go to his in-laws house, his wife would get up and make her father’s plate but not his. He was confused because she would usually make his plate if they were at home. But because she’s a daddy’s girl, she catered to her father. There was also a great conversation about how some women will never say anything negative about their father, but be quick to get on their spouse’s case. Then a man wonders, is she more loyal to her father, but not as loyal to her husband? Finally, there was a segment about how the relationship of your spouse’s parents may effect your spouse’s viewpoints on marriage. What if her mother and father were never married? I think it really depends on the person. Listen to a brief segment of real married men discussing this topic by clicking the link below.



June 2nd, 2015

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