2A long held stereotype of men is that although they will eagerly speak to each other about sports, cars, business, and even food. When it comes to emotional issues, men, particularly married men, don’t talk! As a psychologist, author, certified group therapist and the host of Psych Up on Cosozo Radio, I will tell you that this radio show dispels that stereotype. I had the wonderful opportunity of having founder Tony Hawkins, and moderators, Rodney Turner and Darren Smith as my guests on the Psych Up radio show. What I found talking with them and listening to many of the episodes of the “Married Men Don’t Talk Show” is clear proof that married men can talk! In fact since 2009, their weekly show provides an ongoing virtual group that gives men a place to talk about everything from dirty laundry to trust in a marriage. Led by a moderator who suggests a theme, it is powerful to hear men talk, listen, react, argue, laugh, and choke up with feelings. As a group therapist for many years, I was impressed with the content and the process of the episodes and the moderator’s awareness that those listening quietly were as much a part of this powerful experience as those speaking. This is not a fictionalized or dramatized attempt to entertain. The “Married Men Don’t Talk Show” is a place to talk and address life issues. It is valuable gift to the men who tune in and the men who join in. It is also a gift to the wives and families who love them.

Dr. Suzanne Phillips is a licensed Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Diplomate in Group Psychology, Fellow and Board Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA). She is Adjunct Full Professor of Clinical Psychology at LIU Post, N.Y. She is the co-author of three books, and over 30 articles. Most recently she co-authored, Healing Together: A Couple’s Guide to Coping with Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress.  She writes a weekly blog for Psych Central and Hosts her own weekly radio show “ Psych Up” on Cosozo Radio.

1I just have to say, the “Married Men Don’t Talk Show” is really something every man (and woman) in a relationship or ever thinking of being in a relationship should listen to!

I listened to “The Hypocritical Spouse” episode this morning and I have to say that the issues discussed on this show, especially in the first 25 minutes, hit home and are issues that have put a big wedge in many relationships today. I am clapping for Andrew and Tony’s comments on “syncing up with another woman” and emotional infidelity and the sixth sense, while Darren talks about his wife and women in general with regard to “friends”. The hosts on the show really know of what they speak!! If only most men could understand and see things from that viewpoint, many problems could be avoided. This stuff needs to be heard and understood!

All of you are really on point with your discussions. You add a nice touch of humor to the mix (have me dying laughing many times!), and come with some real experience from various veiwpoints. This is great! These few hours I’ve been occupying myself daily tuning into the show are very well spent and I just had to say keep doing what you’re doing because this material has got to be helping people in a major way. 

Everyone owes it to themselves as well as their significant other to download the free “Married Men Don’t Talk” app on their Android today and tune in. You won’t be disappointed! I know I for one am fully enjoying the topics as an unmarried woman. This is for EVERYONE, not just married folk.

Check out “The Hypocritical Spouse”, “The Good Wife”, “Jealousy”, and “Should Anybody Be Cheated On?” for starters. Great shows!!!


New York, NY

4Hi, men of the show! I have been tuned in for several weeks here in Louisville, Kentucky and I must say that the information and spiritual power disseminating through your segments are inspiring! I wish that more men would be led to listen in and become active in what I feel is a Christian call for black men to take back the leadership of the family. I respect and love your show, so keep speaking the truth in love!



Louisville, KY  

5I found out about your show by accident. Men really don’t open up and to have another man to talk to is a good thing! Everyone needs someone who is a sounding board who isn’t attached to them in a romantic or friend type of way. I have never heard about the male side of marriage, what men go through in a marriage, or what they should do in a marriage. I have always heard about women in a marriage, what they need to do and not do, etc. I have never heard about the other side. But this show sheds light on what a lot of women would like to ask men! What we want is the real truth, but we rarely get it. We get regurgitated answers that men think we want to hear. I’m relistening to your previous episodes and I’m starting to piece together things that are said in separate sessions. There are things in the recordings that let men know what we both want in a marriage, what we need to own up to, and what we BOTH can fix. I am a woman and I am for this show. If I ever get married, my man will absolutely listen to this show!

I just want to thank the guys who came up with this since it’s not only helping men, but women, too!


I3 love your talk show! I just discovered you all 4 weeks ago. Your show is REAL and very RELEVANT! I facilitate group therapy with men twice a week and have referred them all to your radio show upon completion of group sessions. May God continue to bless you all in reaching the masses. You’re doing great work for men!





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